St Mary’s Catholic College 16-19 Bursary Policy

Guidance for Parents and Students – 2022-23

This document provides the information you need regarding the 16-19 Bursaries, including who is eligible and how to apply.  Read this carefully.  If you need further guidance or assistance with your application, please contact the School Office.

Any application made to the school will be dealt with confidentially.  If we request further information from you, this will be made by letter, to the parent/carer at the home address.

The Government have announced a new Student Bursary Fund.  The school will receive a fixed sum of money to delegate to Sixth Form students who are deemed to be in need of financial support.  This support will be in the form of a bursary which can be used to help pay for travel costs, essential course costs; books, trips, equipment, uniform, materials etc.  There are two types of bursary and students are able to apply for one or other of the bursaries according to their financial circumstances.  Only students who are eligible should apply.

  • An Entitlement Bursary Fund of £1,200 per annum for students in the following categories:
  • Young people who are 16-19 years, living independently and claiming Income Support
  • Young people who are looked after by the Local Authority
  • Young people who are Care Leavers i.e. are no longer looked after by the Local Authority 
  • Young people who are 16-19 years, a parent and receiving Income Support
  • Young people who are 16-19 years and receive Income Support for any reason.



2: Discretionary Bursary

St Mary’s Catholic College has been given a cash limited fund to support students

from low income backgrounds to enable them to make good progress with their Sixth Form

studies.  The Bursary will be approved subject to the student having met an attendance target of 96% and a report from teachers to indicate that deadlines have been met and work is up to date.  Before the bursary is paid, the parent, or student living independently, will have to apply using the application form attached and provide the necessary evidence.  The value of the bursary will be used to pay for items to enable the student to study for their course.

The following will be taken into account when determining a student’s eligibility:

  1. Whether the student is entitled to free school meals
  2. If the student’s household is on a low income (below £23,000), proven by being in receipt of an ‘income based benefit’. By ‘income based benefit’ we mean the following:
    • Income support
    • Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit/Universal Credit
    • Income based Employment and Support Allowance
    • Other benefits and pensions
  3. If exceptional financial circumstances apply, evidence of income must be supplied via pay slips, details of entitlement to other benefits (e.g. Widow’s pension, Disability Living Allowance), insolvency details etc.


3: Application, Assessment and Payment

  • Check the criteria carefully to ensure that you are eligible for a bursary. You may wish to see the advice of the Director of Sixth Form of Learning or Learning Coach.
  • If you think that you are eligible, then a parent, or student if living independently, completes the application form attached to this guidance, and submits it along with evidence, to the school Office F.A.O Mrs G Daniels.
  • An assessment of the financial circumstances is made using the evidence supplied and confirmation of eligibility or decline will be sent by letter.
  • Payment eligibility will be assessed. Bursary is subject to the students complying with the Sixth Form Agreement.
  • If required, we will provide resources for you to study your subjects which can include travel to College, essential course equipment/kit, UK based visits/college trips, UCAS fee.
  • If provided with equipment, computer equipment or text books, these must be returned to College at the end of the course.


4: Appeal

Parents, or students if living independently, have the right of appeal against the decision made. A 

letter stating the reasons for your appeal, setting out the case fully and providing additional 

evidence should be submitted to the Head Teacher, Mr K Maddocks.  A Panel consisting of members of the Governing Body will consider the Appeal.  Their decision will be final.

Please note

You should either hand your application, in an envelope marked Student Bursary for the attention of Mrs G Daniels, to college reception or post it to the following address within 6 weeks of receiving this application form:


Mrs G Daniels

St Mary’s Catholic College

Wallasey Village



CH45 3LN